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Bali, Your Next Scuba Diving Holiday Destination

Coral Reefs Exploding With BIodiverity, This is What Scuba Diving in Bali is All About.


Also known as the Island of Gods, Bali, is a small island and province of Indonesia, this province also includes the islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Bali is the only island in Indonesia, a mainly Muslim country, which population is primarily Hindu, giving to the place the special vibe that made this island one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Bali is famous for its friendly people, wonderful beaches, fabulous surf breaks and awesome scuba diving. When not diving you will be able to discover ancient Hindu temples, enjoy any kind of delicious food, get in touch with yourself in scenic rice paddies or party all night long in one of its many venues. The diversity and beauty of this island makes it the ideal place for any kind of traveller, well except if they are looking for skiing.

Scuba Diving in Bali

Bali has one of the richest and diverse underwater ecosystem the ocean has to offer due to its position inside the so called “coral triangle”. When scuba diving in Bali divers will have the chance to experience a wide variety of dive sites ranging from beautiful coral reefs and walls to world class wreck dives, adrenaline filled drift dives to macro hunting paradises, Bali has diving for all tastes and all experience levels.

Bali has four main areas for scuba diving located around the island:

Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan- This area consists of three islands located to the south east of Bali. Is it possible to reach this islands with a diving speed boat and navigation time, depending on the dive site, is between 30 to 40 minutes. The coral reefs around this area have an incredible amount of aquatic life and are particularly famous as it is possible to spot pretty much all year around manta rays and during the right season ( between middle of July to end of October) it is possible to encounter the oceanic sunfish aka mola mola.

Amuk Bay- this area is mainly famous for the dive sites of Padangbai a little harbour town located on the east coast of Bali. This area offers an amazing variety of aquatic life, when scuba diving here it is often possible to encounter white tip reef sharks, octopuses, cuttlefish and turtles. Macro lovers will love diving in these waters looking for sea horse, pigmy seahorse, frogfish, pipe fish, rhinopias, nudibranch and much more. In front of the little village of Candidasa, also located in Amuk Bay, the 2 little islands of Gili Tepekong and Gili Mimpang have breath taking dive sites with amazing walls and swim-trough caves, however, due to the strong currents diving here is for experienced divers only.

North-East Bali- The 2 most famous locations of this area are Amed and Tulamben. Amed has beautiful dives for muck diving and wall diving lovers it also has a wreck: the “Japanese wreck”a small but very interesting wreck dive. Tulamben, on the other hand, is famous for THE wreck of Bali: the USAT Liberty ship wreck, considered by many one of the top wreck dives in the world. Pretty much all the dive sites of this area are shore dives and along the shore there are countless of more or less explored dive sites busting with an incredible variety of ocean life.

North-West of Bali- This area offers great scuba diving suited for every level of experience as conditions in this area are almost always optimal for diving. The most famous dive sites are the one around Menjangan, Pemuteran and Gilimanuk. Beautiful wall dives, with giant gorgonian growing on the reefs, muck hunting sites and an overall outstanding variety of sea life makes this area true paradise for both wide angle and macro underwater photography enthusiasts.

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